Luke Way

Exercise Physiologist

My coaching career started in skiing where I coached and instructed at levels ranging from beginners to 13-15 year old FIS ranked athletes. This passion to teach was also a natural progression, as I got more involved in triathlon. I started with triathlon coaching with my old team in Calgary. I helped out in this way for 5 years, as I was racing internationally and going to University. In 2007, I went to study in Boulder Colorado and San Francisco at the International Cycling Institute to become a professional master bike fitter. Upon my graduation, I became Calgary’s top bike fitting expert and held the title as the only dynamic bike fitter (using video, motion capture) in western Canada. In 2008 I got my level 1 FaCT coaching and physiologic testing certification. From 2007-2011 I continued to deliver top-level bike fitting and built a business coaching triathletes. During this time I continued my education and achieved my level three or master level from FaCT while mentoring under Dr. Andrew Sellars of Vernon BC.