Dr Shannon David Snow

Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

Dr Shannon Snow thrives on positive energy and loves being surrounded by people who push themselves toward a healthy lifestyle. He wants to help people reach their goals in whatever capacity he can. Whether this means you want to finish a triathlon or become a recreational enthusiast, he is ready to get you on track.

Dr Shannon specializes in exercise rehabilitation, biomechanical analysis, and corrective exercise. He has worked with a broad range of clients, from UFC fighters and elite downhill mountain bikers to weekend warriors and computer engineers. Each and every one of Dr Shannon’s patients receives a custom plan to meet their exact needs. His goal is to get his patients feeling and moving better quickly so they can return to the activities they love.

Dr Snow earned a Bachelors in Physical Education (BPE) with a focus in Sport Performance prior to receiving a Doctorate in Chiropractic (DC). He maintains a full body certification in Active Release Technique (ART), is Graston Technique certified, and has completed courses for various types of Kinesiology Tape procedures, including RockTape. Additionally, he has advanced certification in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and currently on route to being a board certified rehabilitation specialist. This will enhance his knowledge and abilities to keep his clients moving efficiently and safely.

Dr Shannon has a passion for endurance sports and has spent the last ten years competing in marathons, adventure racing, road races, mountain biking, climbing, and soccer.