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Naturopathic Medicine Services

Our naturopathic services entail using many methods to help address problems such as pain management, digestive health, low thyroid, hormone imbalances, and more. These methods can include using IV therapy, lifestyle modifications, and regenerative injection therapies.

Our Naturopathic Medicine Services

Naturopathic medicine is based on the healing power of nature. It supports and stimulates the
body’s natural ability to heal itself. Valeo Health Clinic’s naturopathic doctor blends modern
scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine.

Naturopathic Medicine

Optimize your health with Naturopathic Medicine

Today, more people than ever before are seeking and benefiting from naturopathic medicine.
With more research emerging that supports therapies used by naturopathic doctors, the
demand for natural approaches to health care are growing. Naturopathic medicine provides
personalized medical care that addresses the root cause so you can feel your best. If you
haven’t experienced the benefits of naturopathic medicine yourself, take the time to get a
second opinion on your health by making an appointment with our naturopathic doctor.

Medical Alternatives

Get a Tailored Therapy Package for Your Needs

Dr. Brittany Jeffries, ND has a focus in pain management, digestive health and hormone
imbalances such as menopause, menstrual irregularities and low thyroid. Other common
concerns include high stress, fatigue, low energy and difficulty sleeping. Naturopathic
medicine is also beneficial for patients looking for disease prevention and health promotion
strategies. Dr. Jeffries develops a collaborative treatment plan with a variety of treatment
options including conventional and naturopathic treatments to optimize your health.

Common naturopathic treatments include lifestyle and diet changes, supplementation, IV
therapy, regenerative injection therapies such as prolotherapy and PRP, and vitamin

Additional Therapies

Some of the other therapies that may be included in your treatment will include some of the

Prolotherapy and PRP Injections

As a form of regenerative injection therapies, prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP)
injections are used to treat damaged ligaments and tendons that are leading to pain.

IV Therapy

Customized IV bags are made in-office specific to the patient’s needs. IV therapy uses high quality vitamins and minerals injected into the bloodstream to bypass digestion for the best absorption.

Vitamin Injections

Common vitamin injections include Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Coenzyme Q10.


Basic blood work, food sensitivity testing and hormone testing are just some of the labs

Acupuncture and Cupping

A form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses thin needles in specific points to treat
common complaints of pain, stress and difficulty sleeping.


Procedures include microneedling facials with hyaluronic acid or platelet rich plasma, PRP
Hair restoration and Botox cosmetic.

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What to Expect and Naturopathic Pricing

The initial exam is 1 hour long. This allows the naturopathic doctor to collect all the required information about the current complaint and relevant past medical history. Within the initial exam, short and long term health goals will be created. Treatment is usually started on the first visit and the full treatment plan is discussed at the follow-up appointment. Between visits, we further investigate your case to ensure treatment is safe and tailored specifically for you. Follow-up appointments vary slightly with most being scheduled for 30 minutes. Other treatment options vary in price and appointment length.

Initial Exam




IV Therapy


Prolotherapy Injections


Platelet Rich Plasma Injections


Getting Started With Valeo

We know that you'd like to experience what chiropractic at Valeo has to offer. If you have any hesitations or specific questions that you would like to discuss prior to diving in on your new health journey, we would love to sit down and have a no-pressure conversation with you. All of our chiropractors offer FREE 15-minute chats with prospective new patients. No paperwork, no hassle, no pressure. We will be very open with whether we believe we are the right fit for you and will help direct you elsewhere if we are not. Please call to book your free 15 minute chat as our online scheduler does not accommodate for this option.

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