Top 10 Tips for Establishing a Balanced Life

Were you are the Family Day Challenge?  This was in your swag bag. I think it is worth sharing with everyone as a reminder to build and live the balanced life you love.


  1. Find out how you are spending your time. Take a week to track your time. Every hour.  Where you are spending your time will provide insight into your priorities.  Are they what you expected?
  2. Do one thing every day just for fun. No pressure. Let your inner kid show you how.
  3. Make it a house rule to not have phones/electronics (or newspapers) at the dinner or breakfast table.  No phones. No computers. No TV. This may be just as challenging for mom and dad as it is for the kids!
  4. Move your body every way every day. Sweat. Play till you drop. Movement is the best medicine for your body.
  5. ALWAYS eat breakfast. Always. Do it. No excuses. Skipping breakfast makes your body think it is starving.
  6. Set specific times to check your emails and social media rather than constantly checking them throughout the day. You will be amazed at the increase in your productivity! This is easiest if you are able to turn off the automatic updates on your phone.
  7. Plan time to do nothing.  Set aside certain time slots with no pressure attached. Are you able to spend time alone with just you? Are you good company?
  8. Establish a sleep routine.  Train yourself to have a consistent bedtime. Give yourself a wind-down routine.
  9. Go adventuring.  Get lost.  Explore. Create memories.
  10. Read every day. Weather peer-reviewed journal articles, fiction novels, or the back of the cereal box, keep your brain challenged and learning.

BONUS:   Learn how to stand up from sitting on the ground without using your hands.  This is a predictor of longevity.

What are your tips?

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