Valeo Health Clinic Testimonials

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Thank you Valeo Health Team

I’ve never had such complete treatment until I came to Valeo. Lindsey has provided incredible massage therapy and Dr Shannon has kept my body as a solid working machine with chiropractic, taping, and active movement therapy. As a pro mountain biker, having a great support team is key to my success! Thanks Valeo!

 Sonya Looney

Letter of Recommendation
Dr. Benjamin Stevens and Valeo Health Clinic

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Dr Ben because he is an incredible “Body Mechanic”. I use that term as he really looked at my “whole body” and situation when evaluating an injury or an area of discomfort. He was able to treat not only the area where I felt pain but then helped me identify the why behind the situation and provided and excellent easy to follow home care program so I didn’t have to come and see him as often. Dr. Ben is very caring, knowledgeable and effective. Every visit with him left me feeling better not only for that day but for weeks / months at a time.  He passionately displays and lives his values in all he does.  I originally went in to see him for some shoulder pain and after his in depth diagnosis there were quite a few areas that needed some attention. His use of the Graston tools are very effective and look forward to his continued care for many years to come.

Kind regards,
– Kevin Frigon

The care and attention I receive from everyone at Valeo is wonderful. I look forward to coming in knowing I’m going to get and feel results! They really go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Keep it up guys !! : )

– Domineke

Dr Ben renewed my faith in Chrio! It’s less about adjustments and more about sustainable healthcare – Love it!  I had some work related muscle tension affecting my hands (causing tingling). The care and attention I’ve received at Valeo is different than any other clinic I’ve visited. Their approach is about preventing and enabling healthcare success!  Thanks Dr. Ben : )

– Loyal Woolridge

I blew my elbow playing baseball when I was 12 years old and have had chronic pain in my elbow ever since. I had taken several different approaches to fix it with no success. I came to see Dr. Ben after hearing several success stories. After 2 months of treatment I noticed a drastic improvement and after the third month I was pain free. It has been 6 months since I have had a treatment and have had no pain whatsoever. My elbow feels the best it has since I was 12.

Huge thanks to Dr. Ben and everybody at the Valeo Clinic!

– Mitchell Sheridan

I initially started seeing Dr. Snow after trying many different physiotherapists, chiropractors and other health professionals. Years of competitive swimming took a toll on my body, mainly my shoulders. Working from one problem to another, we slowly began to capitalize on those injuries and looked to improve other area’s of my performance. Being in the Kinesiology field as a learning student myself, it was exciting to see someone share that passion with me. Not only am I his patient in improving my own mobility, but I’m learning tips and tricks along  the way. I someday hope to have the same care, passion, expertise and knowledge to bring to my own clients some day.

– Brandon Douglas