Our Values

Our Values

1.    Commitment
•    When we take on a new patient, we commit to that patient in a way that we feel no other practice does. We vow to use all of our tools and expertise to the best of our knowledge and ability to benefit each patient. If we do not have the right tools for the job, we will work to create access to the right care that is needed for each client, even when that means referring our client to someone else.

2.    Honesty
•    We will never over-state the gravity of your situation. We do not employ scare tactics or high-pressure selling. We will also not underestimate the frequency and type of care that will most effectively help you to achieve your stated goals.

3.    Reciprocity
•    As a client, you can count on Valeo to fulfill their promises to you. Similarly, we expect each and every patient to reciprocate our values and principles in their dealing with Valeo. The client will commit to their goals as much as Valeo has. The client will be proactive in attaining their goals. The client will be honest in all interactions. The patient will maintain an open communication line with Valeo while under active care. The patient will understand that extenuating circumstances happen, in spite of the best intentions (on their behalf and that of Valeo).

4.    Empowerment
•    Whenever possible, we want our clients to learn how to take care of themselves. We want our clients to be able to make their own decisions on health topics. Valeo will take steps with every client to free them from a life of reliance on external healthcare, including us!

5.    Evidence-Informed
•    At Valeo, we make no claim to know everything. However, we do promise to make every attempt to remain on the forefront of research, technique, and procedure. For this reason, the service you received yesterday will not likely be the same service you receive tomorrow.

6.    Approachability
•    We want information about health to be accessible to everyone.  If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask. We want our clients to know that there is no such thing as a dumb question when the answers mean health!

7.    Proactivity
•    At Valeo, we know that it is better to prevent an issue than fix one. We will make every effort with every patient to help them live a life that is proactive in nature and will prevent them from needing to see us in the future!

8.    Conservative
•    When possible, we will help clients avoid drugs and surgery. We understand that these have their roles in healthcare. Valeo operates on the premise that drugs should be a short-term solution, when possible. Valeo also views surgery as a last resort, when possible.

9.    Collaboration
•    Every person needs a support team. At Valeo, we realize that, although our services are excellent and beneficial to most clients, many clients will require the services of various professionals. Valeo has every intention to communicate openly with your other healthcare and performance providers.

10.    Holistic
•    At Valeo, we recognize that health is multi-faceted. Family, work, spiritual, and social spheres all have an impact on your overall wellbeing.  Although we focus primarily on the physical realm of health, we promise to respect and encourage the other areas as well so that you may benefit from optimal living.

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