Mike Bencsik

Athlete Ambassador & Olympic Weightlifting Champion



Athlete: Miklos (Mike) Bencsik

Sport/occupation: Olympic Weightlifting

What are the unique demands of your sport?

Olympic Weightlifting is highly demanding on the joints, ligaments and muscles of the body.  Without constant stretching and a lot of warm-up, it is hard to lift weights well beyond my bodyweight for many reps.  Olympic Weightlifting, in time, will build the joints, ligaments and muscles to withstand the explosive strength needed to lift weights from the ground to overhead.

Why did you choose Valeo to help you in your athletic adventures?

Dr. Ben is a constantly learning chiropractor that is always taking courses or teaching them every weekend to better his already bolserting knowledge.  I have never been letChiropractic down by Ben and he always works hard to make sure you are in tip top shape.  He has a unique approach to healing and treatment and gives you knowledge that will prevent future injuries from re-occurring.  His skills in Chiropractic, ART, Graston Technique and a great attitude make him my obvious choice for an athlete like myself.

What Kind of Services do you receive at Valeo?

Dr. Ben performs Graston and Chiropractic treatments on my problem area’s.  He also will use performance tape (Rock Tape) and topical rubs to sooth injuries.

How did I hear about Valeo?

I heard about Ben through my Olympic Weightlifting coach Guy Greavette (1988 Olympian).  Valeo is down the road from my work so I saw the clinic every day.  When I put one and one together I realized this was Ben’s clinic!

In case you’re wondering what Mike does, here’s an intense weightlifting video.