Building a Healthy Back

Foundation Training


Throughout the last year I have taken it upon myself to research new therapy tools and not only read about them but also to put them into action.  Foundation Training comprises the movements that help patients feel better.  In my practice, I spend my time with a lot of runners, cyclist, golfers, and endurance athletes; basically, I spend my time with people who spend too much time in a bent forward position.  All of these patients have one HUGE common denominator: the muscles on the front of their body (the Anterior Fascial Chain) are chronically short and tight.  If the muscles on the front of our bodies are tight, that means that the muscles on the back (the Posterior Fascial Chain) are lengthened.  (Note that lengthened does not mean loose! You can be short and tight or long and tight.)  Without proper balance between the front and back structures of our body, we place ourselves at risk for increased stress on our joints.  I spend a large chunk of my time teaching people how to use there hips/pelvis to move instead of compensating with their low back.  Foundation Training reinforces those movements to make learning stick.


Foundation Training

What is it ? / How is it helpful? / Why do you need to try it?

“Foundation Training” is a series of coordinated movements completed without the use of any extra machines or bands.  The idea is actually very simple: work on the weakened posterior chain muscles (hamstrings, glutes, low back, spine erectors/stabilizers). These structures are a crucial part of maintaining pelvic and core stability. Over time (and often due to workplace environments) there is an increased demand placed on the hips, spine, and knees.  Thanks to modern society, we tend to sit and use poor postures for a large portion of each day, which create dysfunction in the posterior chain.   If we can strengthen and utilize these muscles through functional movements and foundational training, we can prevent much of the low back/joint pain that arises.

I have implemented these exercises and coached many patients toward improving their function, mobility, stability, and athletic prowess while reducing the risk of injury due to imbalanced muscular structures.  The results speak for themselves.  We quickly move from pain reduction to increased performance, all while preventing future potential causes musculosketelal injuries.  It’s simple and effective.  Foundation Training can help you build that healthy back that you know need.

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