Guy Tardif, RMT

Guy Tardif, RMT

Guy’s journey to a career in bodywork began at Ottawa University where he studied theatre and movement. As an actor, Guy began using his body to convey emotional and mental states. He became fascinated with non-verbal communication, leading him to an exploration of touch therapies.  Guy has been a practicing massage therapist since 1998.  As a therapist, he approaches the body and mind as a whole, looking at ways to improve overall heath, for both short and long term well-being. Guy’s massage therapy practice has been continuously influenced by his long-standing practice of yoga and meditation. Additionally, Guy uses a wide variety of traditional and alternative massage modalities with a particular focus and incorporation of Thai Massage (see note) techniques. Each massage session can vary greatly depending on the needs of each individual. All massage modalities Guy uses are covered by extended health care programs under Registered Massage Therapy.

Occasionally, Guy will include very specific core exercises to help bring about neutral alignment (ideal posture) to facilitate a more permanent change in the body. It is Guy’s belief that the most lasting improvements in our health are achieved through increased body awareness and breath integration.


Note: Thai Massage in its simplest understanding is passive yoga that is practiced on a comfortable floor pad using a variety of postures to stretch and/or compress the body. Thai-style massage focuses on balancing all systems (bones, glands, muscles, nerves etc..,)  of the body and can leave one feeling clear and exhilarated. During a full Thai Massage session, the focus is typically on re-posturing the body while integrating the breath.

Whether you’re looking to relax or to optimize your body awareness, Guy will have something profound to offer you.

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