Dr. Benjamin Stevens

Dr. Benjamin Stevens

Kelowna ChiropractorIt would be safe to say that I have had a few injuries. Scratch that. I have had a lot of injuries. To be exact, I have broken 20+ bones, had 5+ concussions, needed 5+ sets of stitches, and been poked in the eye more than once. I've even had a foreign disease get into my spinal cord and cause multiple organ-system failure.

Why I am forcing this cringe-worthy story on you, the innocent reader? For one reason, and one reason only. So you can know this:

I get it.

I understand that life happens. I understand what it feels like to be held back from the activities you love. I have spent more of my life in a cast, sling, or wheelchair than most people care to endure. For nearly every single minute that I was in pain or injured in some way, I have had one overwhelming feeling: this sucks. There, I said it. I have endured everything from "feeling a bit stiff", to screaming in agony. Quite frankly, they all suck.

Dr Ben OHS

Here at the Valeo Health Clinic, We have  more accolades than most healthcare teams. Yes, we spend more time learning than most students. However, when it comes down to it, I want you to know this: I've been there. We've all been there. We all have a sport that we play. We all like feeling great and moving well. And we all have gone through "this sucks" more than once. I simply started a business so that people will have a place to be cared for by smart and compassionate people who get it.

I hope I get the chance to meet you. In  case you wanted to see it before giving me the chance to serve you, here's the profile you were probably expecting:


Dr Ben

Dr Benjamin Stevens has a keen interest in working with people who are motivated to reach their goals. He wants to work in a setting where he is surrounded by people who want to use their bodies to live their life to its maximum potential. In his past, many of these people have been athletes, from professionals to weekend warriors. However, the people he loves to work with most are those who are committed to becoming healthy, strong, and empowered. This could be you, or it could be your great-grandmother. It doesn’t matter to Dr Benjamin; if they want to take control of their own body, he wants to meet them!

He may have the title “doctor of chiropractic”, but prefers to think of “chiropractic” as one of the many tools in his tool belt. With his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and his experiences in many realms of health, fitness, and adventure, he knows that there is no one tool that fixes all ailments, even chiropractic. He believes that the health needs of the patient, not the services offered by the practitioner, should depict what treatment they get. For this reason, Dr Benjamin works closely with professionals of all types in the medical field and personalizes every treatment to every individual.

He holds an Advanced Certification in Graston Technique ®, several types of Kinesiology Tape, and has been certified in Active Release Technique® (ART ®). He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist ® (CSCS®), certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. This can give his clients confidence that he is knowledgeable in the areas of sports, fitness, and performance.

Dr Benjamin Stevens is proudly proficient in Functional Movement Screening and corrective exercise. He holds Advanced Dr Ben SnowboardingCertifications through Functional Movement Systems TM. He is also a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) as well as a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine ®.

Dr Stevens spends almost all of his spare time seeking some sort of adventure or having fun staying healthy. His favorite hobbies are snowboarding, Olympic weightlifting, hiking, powerlifting, Kettlebell training, camping, and travelling.

For more info on Dr Benjamin Stevens' Professional Experience, find him on LinkedIn.


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