At Valeo, chiropractic entails using our heads, our hands, and our hearts to help people reach their goals. Plain and simple.

Most often,  the word "chiropractic" is associated with the spinal adjustment. In many cases, that is exactly right. However, the root of the word chiropractic, means "by hand", which is a great description of what you will find at the  Valeo Health Clinic, since it means so much more than just an adjustment!


Spinal adjustments delivered by a chiropractor can change lives and have profound effects on health. Because of this, the doctors at the Valeo Health Clinic are well versed in many different types of chiropractic adjustments. Valeo chiropractors most commonly use their hands to manually deliver the adjustments to the spine and other regions.

However, Valeo offers many other options for those conditions which respond better to different techniques. These various other forms of treatment are often used as a compliment to the adjustment. Often times, however, they can be used without the need for a spinal adjustment if your condition would not benefit from an adjustment.

You can trust the chiropractors at Valeo to be honest with you when reporting their findings.

If you need an adjustment of any sort, we will discuss that with you. If you require another type of treatment it will be discussed with you as well.

Chiropractic Techniques

Other adjustment "alternatives"  include the use of the Activator, a gentle, hand-held tool which can be used for a wide array of conditions and chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractors at Valeo are also well-versed in the use of drop-table adjustments, which use gravity and a mildly elevated section of a therapy table to deliver the manual chiropractic adjustment. Other options offered include gentle mobilizations, and several other manual chiropractic adjustment styles (such as Gonstead, Upper Cervical, Palmer Package, etc.).

It should be noted that chiropractic is the profession; it is not the adjustment, or even the care of the spine.

At Valeo, chiropractic entails using our heads, our hands, and our hearts to help people reach their goals. Plain and simple.

This often means a chiropractic adjustment to the spine, since there are numerous benefits to being adjusted. However, chiropractic encompasses more than just the adjustment in our clinic. Chiropractic might involve any combination of the many services that we offer. The chiropractors at Valeo will specifically tailor a therapy program and package to your needs, every single time.


Some of the other therapies that will likely be included in your treatments will include some of the following:

We know that you'd like to experience what chiropractic at Valeo has to offer.  If you have any hesitations or specific questions that you would like to discuss prior to diving in on your new health journey, we would love to sit down and have a no-pressure conversation with you.  All of our chiropractors (Dr Ben  & Dr Snow) offer FREE 15-minute chats with prospective new patients.  No paperwork, no hassle, no pressure.  We will be very open with whether we believe we are the right fit for you and will help direct you elsewhere if we are not.  Please call to book your free 15 minutes chat as our online scheduler does not accommodate for this option.

It's that easy to take the next step towards a better you, one that is Healthy, Strong, and Empowered. So why not start today?

Looking for more information about getting adjusted? Check out our Chiropractic Adjustment FAQ.

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