Why NOT start off with a dorky book reference?

Books Over Bros – Part II

Here we are, Part Deux (that’s French for “two”). I hope I didn’t burn your golden podcast cows in Part I. Well, at least I hope it didn’t throw up too much smoke. Still telling yourself the following story? “Sure, reading a book sounds great. Who am I kidding, though? Podcasts are good enough. And […]

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walking to school.

Benefits of the Morning Commute Walk

The simple morning  commute has been changing over the last 20 years.  More often than not parents and their children are driving to their daily destinations.  The percentage of children travelling to school by car has actually doubled and most of these journeys are less than two miles.  This morning ritual has the potential for […]

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Top 10 Healthy Costco Picks

One of the biggest struggles that families share with me in their journey to healthy eating is the trip to the grocery store.  Price is often listed as a major roadblock, as is the terror of reading labels.  Many moms feel like they are bombarded by claims they have no way of legitimizing and ingredient […]

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Brendan Hoekstra

Brendan Hoekstra – Introduction to Acupuncture

How were you introduced to the world of Acupuncture? I was initially introduced to the concept of QI and inner power when I first got involved with traditional martial arts as a young teenager.My curiosity in alternative health grew at a rapid rate after watching acupuncture, cupping and moxabustion being performed in Kung fu/martial arts […]

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3 Things I Learned at the Judo National Championships: Part III

You should also be reading Part I and Part II. 3. Martial Artists Move Better than You…Without “Corrective” Exercise. This all started back in 2008. I was in Long Beach, California at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit as a student in chiropractic college. I was all excited to have the opportunity to drool over […]

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