Simple Fascial Anatomy
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Voodoo Floss: (How) Does it Work?

***Disclaimer: I am not a Voodoo Expert (chiropractor, yes, but that’s another story). I am simply digesting out loud to stimulate my own thoughts on the matter. After having tried Voodoo Floss myself and seen great utility, I sadly found that no one online had taken a half-hearted jab at explaining how it might work. […]

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Why NOT start off with a dorky book reference?

Books Over Bros – Part II

Here we are, Part Deux (that’s French for “two”). I hope I didn’t burn your golden podcast cows in Part I. Well, at least I hope it didn’t throw up too much smoke. Still telling yourself the following story? “Sure, reading a book sounds great. Who am I kidding, though? Podcasts are good enough. And […]

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Hand Smile

20 Things I Learned About Happiness

Dr. Mark Holder is a neuroscientist who works out of UBCO studying happiness.  Pretty cool, eh?  Apparently some of his research has involved cookies and dolphins (separately, not together, though maybe there is an idea in there somewhere).  Dr. Holder spoke on the Science of Happiness in Children at the Rotary Centre for the Arts […]

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walking to school.

Benefits of the Morning Commute Walk

The simple morning  commute has been changing over the last 20 years.  More often than not parents and their children are driving to their daily destinations.  The percentage of children travelling to school by car has actually doubled and most of these journeys are less than two miles.  This morning ritual has the potential for […]

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Nutritional Supplement

Guidelines for Taking Supplements

General Guidelines for Taking Supplements Nutritional supplements, nurtriceuticals, and medical foods can be very helpful for improving your health and healing physiological conditions.  They can also be very intimidating.  Here are some tips to making sure you are getting the most out of your health regime. Quality matters. The supplement industry is a multi-million dollar industry, […]

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