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Suboccipital Muscles - 2

Tension-Type Headaches

Do you have a headache? You’re not alone! Headaches are extremely common. According to the World Health Organization, over 1/3 of men and over 1/2 of all women in developed nations suffer from tension-type headaches. Neck and head pains may come and go, but if they are chronic or recurrent, they may be labeled as a […]

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Building a Healthy Back

Foundation Training Throughout the last year I have taken it upon myself to research new therapy tools and not only read about them but also to put them into action.  Foundation Training comprises the movements that help patients feel better.  In my practice, I spend my time with a lot of runners, cyclist, golfers, and endurance athletes; basically, I […]

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walking to school.

Benefits of the Morning Commute Walk

The simple morning  commute has been changing over the last 20 years.  More often than not parents and their children are driving to their daily destinations.  The percentage of children travelling to school by car has actually doubled and most of these journeys are less than two miles.  This morning ritual has the potential for […]

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