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Strong Believers in Reaching Goals: YOUR Goals


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Quality Service

Our intent is to deliver the best healthcare experience in Kelowna.

People-Focused Approach

We take care of people, not just their injuries or concerns.

Looking for down-to-earth and honest healthcare from a team of approachable experts? Looking for a chiropractor that will be straight with you or a massage therapist with incredible hands? Then you're looking for the Valeo Health Clinic.

Looking for the right healthcare team to care for your aches and pains? Need an honest appraisal of you or your child's condition in a no-pressure environment? Let me grab the door for you. Come on over and walk in. You'll like it here. Our mission is to help individuals and families of the Okanagan become Healthy, Strong, and Empowered.  We welcome people from all walks of life to visit Valeo and get a sense of the fantastic health and performance that we achieve together.

We offer a unique mix of services that are seamlessly combined into one distinctive product.

You will find a fantastic combination of chiropractic care, exercise rehab, movement-based therapies, functional movement screening, massage therapy, and lifestyle guidance. We work with pre- and post-surgical cases, sports injuries, non-athletic injuries, repetitive stress syndromes, and everything in between. You don’t have to choose just method of care! We will create a tailored experience that is just right for you and your goals. The bottom line is: we just want you better! If we don’t think that Valeo is the absolute best thing for you, we will tell you! We want you to get the exact service that you need and want, even if it is not from us.

At the Valeo Health Clinic, we are strong believers in achieving goals: your goals.

We want to do more than simply relieve your pain. We want to find out what your greatest aspirations are and help you employ a team of professionals that will empower you to hit your target. Do you want to get through your first marathon without any pain? We can help you with that. Do you want to be able to do your best work all day long without getting a headache? We can to help you with that, too. No matter what you are aiming for - whether getting rid of that nagging issue or performing at your best - we encourage you to book a FREE 15 minute chat with one of our doctors at the Valeo Health Clinic to discuss your personal goals and whether we are best suited to work together.

Now is your time to become Healthy, Strong, & Empowered.

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!